The 2016 Lead Foot Festival - Whitianga

The Lead Foot festival is something I had heard about for many years but had never been to one until this year. It was a last minute decision to go. I called a friend of mine the night before to see if he was keen and by 6am the next morning we were on our way.

Brendon & Gregg

Brendon and Greg Murphy at the 2016 Lead Foot Festival

What is the festival? It basically consists of ‘motor heads’ like myself, driving from A to B in the quickest time, with cars ranging from vintage ones to the latest sports cars.

It is an invitation only affair. This means that the likes of myself are unable to just turn up and drive – you have to be invited to do so.

Even if you are not driving, once there, you are able to walk around the pits and see all of the dream cars, whilst meeting the drivers and being able to chat to them about their cars.

Ray Williams & Brendon Spear at the 2016 Lead Foot Festival

I was lucky enough to chat to Ray Williams, who is a famous NZ Porsche driver and currently holds the land speed record for NZ. I also met Greg Murphy who has also done NZ proud, with world-class motorsport racing. Sadly, Scott Dixon was there but I could never seem to get close to him due to the crowds!

The whole event is held on private property that is owned by Rod Millen, another very successful NZ race driver. It’s on a farm where he has built a very long driveway/race track, especially with this in mind. (How cool is that?! … I can only dream – one day!).

I will absolutely be going to watch again next year, and who knows, I might even be driving in it.


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